Rental Housing in Varkaus

Wartalo Kodit oy is a rental housing company that was founded in 1986 and is owned by the City of Varkaus. We offer around 1,250 rental homes in apartment blocks, row houses, and apartment buildings with open-air corridors.

Our mission is to provide homes, housing services, and safe housing for every stage in life.

Homes and Housing Services All Through Life

Our range of apartments offers affordable housing for different stages in life. Wartalo Kodit provides a variety of apartment sizes with different living comforts. Whether you’re a student, senior citizen, family, or searching for an accessible apartment, have a look at our selection.

We conduct annual repairs at our buildings and maintain the apartments in great condition, with different living needs in mind.


Wartalo Kodeilla on tänäkin kesänä tarjolla monipuolisia työtehtäviä useille nuorille asuinkiinteistöjen siivouksessa ja ulkoalueiden kunnossapidossa. Tarjoamme eri mittaisia työjaksoja keväästä lähtien. Työaika on arkisin ma-pe klo 7-15, viikonloput ovat vapaat....

Contact Information

Wartalo Kodit Oy
Antinpuisto 8, 78250 VARKAUS

Office Hours:
Weekdays (Mon–Fri) 9:00–16:00

Apartment Rentals
tel. 010 421 5711

Customer Service and Rental Agreements
tel. 010 421 5712

Rent Payment Monitoring and Deposits
tel. 010 421 5715

Resident Functions
tel. 010 421 5716

Calls to commercial +358 10 numbers cost local network charge/mobile phone payment.
Note! SMS / text messages cannot be sent to +358 10 numbers.

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