Residents´ Guide

Residents´ Guide

Here you will find detailed instructions regarding housing.

Defrosting the refrigerator and freezer

The resident is responsible for defrosting the refrigerator and freezer once a year. It is advisable to do the defrosting during frosty weather when the food can be taken outside.


  1. Empty the refrigerator and freezer and take the food outside when it is cold. Turn off the appliances.
  2. Protect the area around the refrigerator and freezer with large towels to prevent water from dripping onto the floor. You can speed up the melting of ice by placing a hot water container inside.
  3. The water that has melted onto the bottom of the freezer drains into a container placed outside the freezer through the opening in the bottom or through the spout on the bottom level front edge. Otherwise, collect the water from the bottom of the appliance.
  4. Wipe the interior and exterior surfaces of the refrigerator and freezer clean when the appliances have thawed out.
  5. Wipe the door seals clean.
  6. Pull out the refrigerator and freezer.
  7. Vacuum the rear condenser and the compressor outer surfaces of dust.
  8. Clean the defrost water drain pipe behind the refrigerator according to the appliance manufacturer’s instructions.
  9. Put the refrigerator back in place.
Cleaning of ventilation valves

Keep the replacement and exhaust air valves open and clean.
In winter, the window should not be left open for a long time when airing the apartment. The proper and energy-efficient way to air the apartment is to quickly use cross-draught for a few minutes.


Cleaning of ventilation valves

The resident is responsible for the cleaning of ventilation valves.

• Clean the ventilation valves of dust at least twice a year by vacuuming or wiping.
• If necessary, wash the valve with a mild detergent solution if it can be removed.
• Do not change the valve adjustment by rotating the plate in the middle.
• Do not block the valve.

Cleaning the cooker hood

The cooker hood has a grease filter that must be cleaned at least once a month.


  • Remove the grease filter for cleaning. Wash the filter in warm water and dish detergent.
  • When cleaning the grease filter, the inside of the cooker hood and any ventilation vent therein must also be cleaned in accordance with the above cleaning instructions for ventilation valves.
  • If a grease filter in poor condition needs to be replaced, contact a property maintenance worker.
Washer and dishwasher

Wartalo Kodit Oy does not connect washing machines. This may only be done by a qualified plumber.

The washer or dishwasher must not be left unattended when it is running. The washer tap must be closed when washer is not used.

Washing machines and connection hoses must be monitored regularly for potential leaks.

The washer in the bathroom must not be be used while taking a bath or shower. A protective tray must be installed under the dishwasher.


Bathroom and sewers

Even small leaks in faucets and toilet seats can cause considerable additional costs and potential water damage. The condition of the faucets and especially the toilet seat must be monitored regularly. Any leaks must be immediately reported to a property maintenance worker.

It is advisable to dry the bathroom with a spatula after use. Large amounts of laundry are recommended to be dried in the property’s common drying room.

Food residues, frying fats and litter can block the sewer and in the worst case cause water damage.

Hazardous waste also burdens the environment. You will have to pay the bill for opening the sewer if you have put something in the toilet that does not belong there and thus acted carelessly.

Cleaning the floor drain

The bathroom floor drain must be cleaned regularly of accumulated debris, such as hair.


  1. Remove the floor drain cover.
  2. Remove the debris accumulated in the floor drain.
  3. Wash the drain with an old dish brush and spray clean.
  4. Finally, put the cover back in place.
Balcony and yard area

The balcony must be kept clean of debris and snow. When removing snow, care must be taken to ensure that the falling snow does not cause danger or inconvenience to anyone on the yard.

The apartment balcony is intended for enjoying the view, not for storing things. The airing of bed linen is permitted on balconies. Carpets should be dusted in the carpet beating rack on the yard.

Throwing trash and cigarette butts from the balcony is strictly prohibited. We also recommend to avoid smoking on the balcony for reasons of living comfort.

Feeding birds in the area of the property is prohibited.

For reasons of safety and living comfort, barbecuing and burning outdoor fires, etc. on the balcony is not allowed.

Yard area

In apartments that include their own yard, the resident is required to take care of the cleanliness of the yard, including lawn mowing and removal of cigarette butts.

Common facilities


  • Entrance doors are normally unlocked between 6.00 and 21.00.
  • Due to fire safety regulations, no belongings may be stored in the staircase and the fire doors must always be kept closed.
  • Any disturbing behaviour in the staircases is not allowed.

Storage rooms for outdoor equipment, storage cabinet and bicycle storage

  • The property usually has dedicated storage areas for prams, skis, bicycles, etc.
  • The storage of mopeds and other combustion engine driven vehicles in these facilities is strictly prohibited!
  • Each apartment has an assigned storage cabinet, numbered according to the apartment.
  • Flammable liquids, flammable gases or explosives may not be stored in the storage cabinets!

Laundry room

  • Use of the laundry room is allowed between 7.00 and 22.00.
    More detailed instructions for using the laundry room can be found on the wall of the laundry room.
  • Use the reservation list by writing the apartment number in the list.
  • The laundry room is only intended for washing the house residents’ laundry.
  • Use machines and appliances according to the user instructions. Take your washed laundry to the drying room before the end of your laundry turn, and remove your dry laundry promptly. Leave the laundry room tidy for the next user.

Drying room

  • In your own bathroom, it is advisable to only dry small amounts of laundry at a time. In order to minimise moisture damage in apartments, it is recommended to also dry the laundry washed in your own washing machine in the drying room.
  • The drying room is intended for drying ordinary laundry.
  • Use of the dryer is allowed between 7.00 and 22.00. More detailed instructions can be found on the wall of the laundry room or drying room.

Common sauna facilities

  • If the housing company has a sauna, the tenants can book sauna time.
  • You can book a sauna time from this link.
  • A sauna fee will be charged for the use of the sauna in connection with the rent.
  • When using the sauna leave the sauna and washroom and dressing room tidy. Do not use sauna scents. Take any bottles, cans, and smelly trash with you. Notify the property maintenance worker if the sauna does not heat up or if you notice any other defects.
Resident parking
  • Cars must be parked in the permitted parking spaces. Please also guide your guests to park correctly.
  • Parking in the yard area is prohibited, the traffic signs and parking restrictions must complied with. Parking is supervised by an outside operator.
  • Parking is prohibited on the emergency access road indicated by the emergency access road sign. Short-time parking on the emergency access road is allowed to transport people with impaired moblity and heavy goods. The vehicle must be capable of being moved immediately if necessary.
  • You can make a parking space reservation request from this link.
Living comfort

To enable day-to-day living to run smoothly, it is good to remember and show consideration for the other residents. House regulations have been drawn up for the property to make everyday life easier.

Common ground rules also make the living environment comfortable for everyone. The house regulations contain instructions related to living, health and safety. They can be found, e.g., from the staircase notice board.


Pets are welcome to move in with you. Please make sure that your pet does not cause disturbance to others, and also make sure that the pet’s droppings are cleaned up.

Good neighbour relations

Living in a residential property requires flexibility. Normal sounds of life must be tolerated, and complete silence cannot be demanded from the neighbours. However, you must always remember to take the other residents into account.


In the event of frequent disturbances and violations of the house regulations, the primary obligation to report rests with the other residents of the property. After receiving a disturbance report from the residents, Wartalo Kodit Oy is capable of intervening with the disturbance or violation of the house regulations.

In the event of a disturbance, file a disturbance report from here.


Apartment electrical safety

As a rule, electrical installations and repairs may only be carried out by a qualified electrical professional.

When the apartment is left unattended, electrical appliances must not be left on. Notify the property maintenance worker immediately of any faulty electrical appliances for the maintenance of which Wartalo Kodit Oy is responsible.

Residual current device in apartments

The residual current device is a sensitive protective device that supplements the protection provided by a fuse or circuit breaker. A residual current device is used in the newest apartments.

The residual current device is usually installed in the switchboard next to or near the circuit breakers. The operation of the residual current device must tested at regular intervals, e.g. quarterly, by pressing the test button on the device, in which case the lever in the residual current device must turn to the 0 position. After testing, the residual current device is returned to the operating position by turning the switch to the I position. If the device does not respond when the test button is pressed, it is faulty and must be replaced.

Car heating sockets

When plugging in cars, a connection cable made for this purpose must be used. Do not use extension cables or defective connection cables. The use of the car’s interior space heater is also prohibited.

TV and Internet

Internet access (50 MB) is included in the rent of Wartalo Kodit Oy’s apartments. The modem and connecting devices in the apartment are the property of Wartalo Kodit Oy.

In case of malfunctions, contact MPY’s technical support. 

The residents’ own dish or rake antennas may not be installed outside the apartment.


The properties have separate receptacles for sorting mixed waste as energy, biowaste, paper, glass, and metal; some also have receptacles for cardboard. It is important to sort the waste correctly because most of it is utilised in recycling or as energy.

You may not bring, e.g., waste electrical and electronic equipment, furniture or hazardous waste, such as medicines, batteries, accumulators and paints, to the property’s waste receptacles. They must be taken to the nearest collection point.

Moving out

Terminating residence

The termination must always be made in writing. You can terminate your residence from here(requires Finnish- social security number). If the rental agreement is in the name of two persons, signatures are required from both. The signing can also be carried out by coming Wartalo Kodit Oy office at the latest by the end of the month, so the rental agreement will end at the end of next month.

According to the Act on Residential Leases, the notice period is calculated from the last day of the calendar month in which notice was given. For the resident, the notice period is one calendar month.

Moving out

Wartalo Kodit Oy’s representative will check the condition of the vacated apartment after moving out or, if necessary, even earlier.

The resident is responsible for the upkeep of the apartment and liable to pay compensation for any damage caused to the apartment and for leaving it in an untidy condition. The provisions of the Act on Residential Leases are applied to the compensation procedure.

If the liability to pay compensation exceeds the amount of the security deposit, the excess costs will be invoiced to the resident in accordance with the current price list.

The costs of storing any goods left in the apartment or storage facilities and taking them to a landfill will also be invoiced to the resident.

All apartment and car heating outlet box keys must be returned to Wartalo Kodit Oy’s customer service no later than on the date of expiry of the rental agreement or on the next business day.

Any unreturned or lost keys will necessitate rekeying of the lock, the cost of which will be charged to the resident in accordance with the current price list.

The resident is responsible for the condition of the apartment. When moving out, the apartment must be duly cleaned, after which Wartalo Kodit Oy’s representative will inspect the apartment.

Instructions for cleaning when moving out

When moving out, you must clean your apartment before handing in the keys.

After the tenant has moved out, the apartment will be inspected for cleanliness and potential damages the tenant is liable to compensate for. Normal wear and tear due to long-term living and the age of the apartment are taken into account in the inspection. However, it should be noted that a worn surface and a dirty surface are two different things.

If no defects are noted in the inspection, the security deposit will be returned to the tenant according to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.


  • Defrosting the refrigerator/combined refrigerator & freezer; make sure the melting water does not end up on the floor
  • Cleaning the cooker and the refrigerator inside and outside as well as their installation recess and the floor.
  • The refrigerator/combined refrigerator & freezer must be unplugged and the doors left open
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces of kitchen cabinets
  • Cleaning the ventilation valves and/or the cooker hood grease filter
  • Washing floor surfaces

Bathroom, sauna and toilet

  • Washing the toilet seat and washbasin
  • Cleaning floor drains
  • Washing sauna benches
  • Cleaning ventilation valves
  • Washing walls and floors

General cleaning

  • Cleaning replacement air valves and the background of radiators
  • All floor surfaces in the apartment must be washed, and any stains on the doors, door jambs, walls and light switches removed
  • Emptying the storages and cold storage cabinet assigned to the flat, cleaning the shelves and sweeping the floors
  • Cleaning the windows from inside
  • Emptying and cleaning the balcony or yard area belonging to the apartment.

Other things to consider


  • The MPY broadband network terminal with accessories must be left in the apartment in a visible place. The tenant is liable to pay com pensation according to the current price list if the terminal or its accessories are lost or broken.
  • If a dishwasher has been installed in the apartment, the water supply and drain lines must be capped when the dishwasher is removed. The capping must be done properly using ap proved fittings. If moisture damage occurs due to uncapped water supply or drain line, the resident will be billed for the costs incurred.
  • Any repairs made for which the tenant is responsible will be charged for according to the current price list.