Rent Payment Monitoring

Rent Payments

Rent payments are due on the 5th day of each month. You must always use your reference number when paying rent.

Make your payments on time, and if you encounter financial problems, contact Wartalo Kodit’s rent payment monitoring service in a timely manner.

Housing Allowance

You can apply for a housing allowance at Kela. The Kela website has a calculator you can use to check your eligibility for a housing allowance. You can also fill out an application right away. The housing allowance is routed directly to Wartalo Kodit oy, and the resident will only pay the difference (rent - housing allowance).

Rent Collection

An efficient debt collection system benefits all residents because any unpaid rental or other fees are paid indirectly by the other residents.

Wartalo Kodit oy follows the established good practices in rent collections. The collection process begins if a resident has not paid their rent or other fees by the due date. After the due date, unpaid rent and fees are transferred to Visma Amili Oy. If your debt has been transferred to Visma, please contact them in any debt-related matters.

If the collection process leads to a district court order for an eviction, the resident shall be liable for all legal fees, delay penalties, and other eviction costs. Furthermore, the failed payment will be listed in the resident’s credit report.

Unpaid Rent or Invoices and Moving Out

If the resident has arrears when moving out, their rental deposit, when available, will be used to cover the unpaid fees. If the rental deposit is not enough to cover all unpaid rent and bills, the remaining payments will be collected from the resident.